Niki BararJun 13, 2011
In this movie, the main protagonist makes a living by making designer shoes. I am deeply inspired by...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Hello,
Yes surely you can join a lot of courses. If you want you can start studying again or you can do something in the field you already have knowledge about. If you aren't very sure i would suggest come down to youngbuzz and give a career test. Know what your interest and personality and start up with something.

Youngbuzz Counselor
Jun 27, 2011

Naina Shah - Hey,
Thats right you can go to Youngbuzz and take a test and find out what really your interest and whats your personality suited for. Dear believe me its and integral part of the career you take up..
Dont worry Youngbuzz helped me they will surely help you too...
Jun 27, 2011

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