Rehearse your winning speech and get ready for fame, money and glory. Is Modelling as easy as it looks?

Make no mistakes modeling is a tough business. Contrary to popular perception it's not just about looking pretty day in and day out. As an aspiring model you would be making innumerable rounds of advertisement agencies and model coordinators for work. All this only after you get yourself a nice portfolio of pictures. Apart from keeping aside a hefty sum of money (anything between Rs 15-40,000) you first have to choose a good photographer. How do you do that? We'll tell you.

First of all inquire around you, to decide which one suits your budget and look. Go by word of mouth. Avoid 'portrait photographers' as they don't understand the need of the fashion industry.

Make sure you take a look at the photographer's portfolio. Do you like it? Is this what you want your pictures to look like? Always, take a friend along.

Remember to be smiling throughout the shoot; you never know when you'll manage to get a free picture or an extra roll done at no extra cost!

Most photographers work with their own dress designer and makeup man, though this might turn up to be an expensive proposition. But there are some who will let you get your own set of clothes and do your own hair and makeup. Consider getting a few extra clothes (just in case you get that extra shoot!)

Before you go for the shoot practice your style and pose in front of the mirror. Most photographers have a tight schedule and would be impatient if you go unprepared.