Requirements to be a Software Engineer

A successful Software Engineer should have good communications skills, strong technical knowledge and an eagerness to meet the challenge of working with new technologies.

Practical experience is most important here. Prospective employers will be more eager to know the projects you have successfully handled than the names of the courses you have cleared.
Technology changes rapidly in this field, so continuous study and learning are part of a professional's life.

You have to learn to listen carefully for the distinction between what people want and what people need from their computer systems.

Flexibility, strong interpersonal skills, and a friendly disposition are highly valued traits in this industry.

However, the bottom line is performance, and those without strong technical skills find themselves quickly outpaced by the expertise their job demands.

For entry as a Software engineer you must have completed one of the following courses:

* A four-year degree course in BE or B Tech/Computer Science/Engineering/ Information Technology.

* Four-year undergraduate course in Information Technology.

* Three-year B.Sc. computer Science or Bachelor of Computer Science.

* Three-year bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

* Three-year Master in Computer Applications (MCA)

* Four-year Bachelor of Information Science.

* Four-year Bachelor of Information Technology

* Three-semester M Tech in IT

* Two-year Master's in Informatics/Information Technology/ computer Science, etc.

* DOEACC Society: O, A, B and C, level, courses. B level, is considered equivalent to MCA and C level to an M Tech. Electronics/other engineers can make a bid too. A three-year B Sc in computer Science could be the base for proceeding to post graduation in computer Science or Computer Applications.

Commercial certifications from Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, etc are popular with professionals. There are numerous private computer classes that teach the subjects. It is wiser to speak to the students of these classes before you secure admission. Find out if the syllabus and faculty are good.