Kittal KittuMar 19, 2011
What are the requirements to become a jewellery designer?
YoungBuzz Counselor - There are a lot of requirements for this field you need to know different kinds of stones, design themes, presentation and framing of designs, you also got to have an excellent aesthetic sense, imagination, and ability to innovate and create designer pieces. Keen observation and concentration too are necessary to succeed in the field. A good sense of color coordination and fashion consciousness is imperative here. Good communication and planning skills too make a positive difference.
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YoungBuzz Counsellor
Mar 19, 2011

Aarushi Sharma - Hi,
The basic requirement is that you need to have the knack of colour coordination and you need to be creative i.e you should have a good hand at drawing. A added advantage would be if you understand the effect that gems can have on human life.
Apr 03, 2011

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