Scholarships For Study Abroad

It is a fact that the cost of studying abroad is the main obstacle for students who wish to study abroad. However, many students are unaware of the fact that they can avail financial aids or scholarships based on several factors.

Scholarships for study abroad are nothing but financial awards for students to be utilized for travel, course credits, books, lodging etc. There are different kinds of scholarships for study abroad: They are as follows:

·         Based on merit: These scholarships are meant for students who excel in a particular field like sports, academics, artistic talents and other abilities.

·         Student-specific: Such type of scholarships for study abroad  are generally minority scholarships . In such type of scholarships, the main criteria for receiving the award are race, gender, religion, medical history and other related factors.

·         Country-specific: These scholarships for study abroad are given by certain countries to students who wish to study in that particular country. These scholarships are meant for attracting students to the country so that they do not go elsewhere for their studies.

·         Program-specific: These scholarships for study abroad are often awarded on the basis of personal or academic achievements.

·         Subject-specific: Such types of scholarships for study abroad are usually meant for students who wish to conduct a specific research study. Students who wish to avail these scholarships should get enrolled in a specific subject.

It is very important to note that the qualifications for all the above-mentioned scholarships for study abroad will differ based on each scholarship.