Science Colleges in Chennai

Are you in search of top science colleges in Chennai? If so, browse through our list of top science colleges in Chennai mentioned below! Choose the course that suits your career goals and build a path to a great career ahead!

Chennai boasts of many excellent educational institutions. The city being one of the four metropolitan cities in the country is an added advantage as there are myriad job opportunities once students complete their studies. Besides the traditional arts subjects offered by top arts colleges in Chennai like physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology etc subjects related to biotechnology and information technology are popular among students who have inclination towards science.

Mention below is the list of top Science Colleges in Chennai

Loyola College

Loyola College is the best science college in Chennai. It was founded by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1925 with the primary objective of providing University Education in a Christian atmosphere.

Madras Christian College

Madras Christian College has entered into the 174th year of glorious service to the Nation. Founded as a School in 1837 in the black town of Madras

Stella Maris College

Stella Maris College a Catholic minority institution of higher education for women was founded on August 15 1947.

Presidency College Chennai

Presidency College Chennai ranks 4th among the top science colleges in Chennai.

Meenakshi College for Women

Queen Marys College

Queen Mary’s College was the first government college for women. It ranks  10th position among the top arts colleges in Chennai.

Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College

Ethiraj College for Women

The Womens Christian College

DG Vaishnav College

DG Vaishnav College ranks 10th among the top science colleges in Chennai.

Seek help from expert career counselors if you have any doubts regarding your career option. You should make sure that you take an informed decision on any matter related to your choice of subjects and career options. It will pay off in the long run.  Study hard and crack the entrance test so that you can become a proud student of one of the above mentioned top science colleges in Chennai. You can also seek help from academic counselors regarding your area of specialization in science studies.