Sir, I am very tensed and confused about my Career. Can you Please Send the address in NEW DELHI of the counsellors for expert a

With the number of career options and the kind of competition it becomes a bit difficult to make a wiser career choice. There are many students like you who face a similar dilemma.

Nevertheless, it can be resolved too. In order to solve it one needs to-

1) get abreast with the basic career information atleast
2) get to know yourself in terms of interests,aptitudes and personality.

Its advisable that you go log on to

for more details on the career tests. ANd the best part is that, its an online test which will help you know more about your interest (likes and dislikes, your aptitudes (potentials) and your personality (work-values).

So the procedure is that you pay online and take the test. Followed by this the career experts will make your profile and send it to you with the career recommendations. And this is not it, in case of further queries you can talk to our experts and get your doubts resolved.

You can also read up on various careers on http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/career-options

Let us know what do you think about it and kindly revert for further queries.

Hope this helps.