Sir, what is the difference between bsc biotechnology and b tech bio technology.what is the sco...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Dear Minu,
Biotechnologists are involved in gene therapy, fertility control, improving food nutritional value, reducing pollution, increasing livestock productivity, the development of contraceptives, etc. Research confines a biotechnologist's main work to laboratories.
BSc biotechnology is a 3-year course which teaches the integration of biology, chemistry, computer science etc. B.Tech in biotechnology is a four year degree which involves the study of using living organism and bioprocess in the field of engineering, medicine etc. Basically B.Tech in biotechnology is an engineering degree and hence is of more importance.
If you are interested in the planning and the data assimilation of research then you should go in for BSc in Biotechnology and if you are interested in Conduction of research the you should go ahead with Biotechnology Engineering.

I wish you all the best .

Jun 12, 2012

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