Study In New Zealand

New Zealand has seven national universities offering degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in academic and professional studies. Study in New Zealand will be a great experience for international students. The universities offer a broad range of subjects for degrees in commerce, science and the arts. Each university has also developed its own specialist subjects, such as engineering, computer studies, medicine and agriculture. Students who want to study in New Zealand can choose any of the following universities.

•           Lincoln University

•           Massey University

•           University of Auckland

•           University of Canterbury

•           University of Otago

•           University of Waikato

•           Victoria University of Wellington

Universities in New Zealand and their main features-

International recognition–Students who study in New Zealand can gain a lot from the country’s education system. It offers a safe learning environment, which provides excellent study opportunities and support services for international students.

Courses – Students who study in New Zealand can choose any of the academic, professional and vocational studies available at universities inNew Zealand.

Maximum Study Opportunities – International students who study in New Zealand can avail countless opportunities offered for those seeking admissions in their courses or universities. Most universities in New Zealand have two semesters with four weeks of holiday in June. Some offer summer school during main holiday period (November to February).

Eligibility- Students who intend to study in New Zealand should  be aware of the fact that universities in New Zealand accept 15 years education into their Bridge /Masters Programs.

New Zealand’s universities are known for courses like medicine, engineering, law, management and agriculture. Research study in New Zealand is also on the rise. This is because of Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF), which funds each university on the quality and output of research.