A typical day at work.

A typical day could see me relaxing, reading magazines and newspapers and generally making loads of telephone calls to find out who's in town, who can be roped into the show. Or it can be a day of frenetic activity. We generally shoot five days a week and need at least 10 guests a week to appear on the show. Sometimes we have all the 10 guests ready in the first few days of the week. In such cases we relax and spend the rest of the week researching on the background of the guests and general information about them through magazines and the Internet. But at times when we have guests dropping out of the show then we have to start all over again - making calls, etc. So having a back up is very important, someone who always has the time to come on the show.

The first half of the day is spent reading the newspapers. We read five newspapers everyday plus all the magazines that come in. We have to make lots of notes, take down addresses, telephone numbers, research, etc. The second half is spent calling up music companies, and PR agencies. Plus, you have to send out loads of invitations to out station guests.