Varun JajooApr 14, 2011
What is everyone up to in these vacations guys...????
Hec Nad - @ Magicpen..That’s a superb idea… I am sure this will work out… 1 small suggestion, why don’t you give the young buzz aptitude test… The test may help you to get that extra confirmation.. And the way the test describes you is actually super accurate yaar…. I f I am not wrong they have also recently opened a new office in Andheri and already have one at Lower Parel.. So you can go wherever convenient.
Apr 18, 2011

Kshama Vora - @guys… You all have actually got me thinking.. I have just finished my 12th in the field of arts… I am planning to pursue my bachelors in either mass media or literature.. I think for both the fields it would be grt if I learn a foreign language.. I already know French (had it in school).. So someone suggested to learn Chinese!!!! The logic was that Chinese is going to be the next language to be learnt looking at how much India is doing business with them… So I hope my plan works..
Apr 18, 2011

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