Is Varun’s Story similar to Your's?

Being the fun-loving and easy-going person that he was, Varun barely realized when school ended and it was time to explore other avenues and chart a career path. While his group of friends was always there with him for the latest party or an impulsive shopping spree, there was one area where Varun was left behind.


Once the results were declared, most of his friends knew their next step: Rohit left for future studies abroad, Shreya started applying to fashion designing institutes and Vinay joined a graduation degree in English Literature, as he always wanted to.


But Varun was still trying to figure out his calling—should he study commerce so that he can later join his father’s garment business, take up a professional course or get into a summer job?


He decided to talk to Neha, his close friend and cousin, who was happy and doing well in her job with an advertising agency.


Neha revealed that she had been through a similar period of confusion when she was Varun’s age, when she chanced upon the YoungBuzz career assessment. “This two-hour assessment will help you know about not only your aptitude, but also your interest and personality, and thus present you with the best career recommendations,” she informed.


Varun, however, was still skeptical. “Will a short test really help me get an answer?” Neha assured him about this as the assessment drew, in addition, the “traits at work” of a person, in order to help understand one better and ultimately, reach heights in his/her chosen career.


“YoungBuzz understands that simply sorting out career options is not enough; hence, it offers more steps such as career profiles of the recommended options, a FAQ section to clear any doubts, and interactive forums to learn more about other students with similar aspirations and career interests. Moreover, you can meet working professionals for a better understanding of the job,” added Neha.


Varun was quite impressed by the idea and decided to give it a try. After all, he had seen how it helped his cousin to clear her confusion and also do really well in her career. The best part was that this was a completely free service! He enthusiastically announced, “I am off to take the assessment tests.”


“Do remember, the tests are sure to give you a much clearer idea about your career options; however, the YoungBuzz counselors would gladly help resolve any further queries that you might have,” reminded Neha as he left.