Vijay Multani – Dog Trainer – Training and the Trainer

Training - One can train dogs for indoors as well as for outdoors. Indoor training could be something as basic as teaching a dog to sit or stay at a particular place. Outdoors, it could be for guard work or self-protection. But the training varies from species to species and even from dog to dog. Therefore one must give personalised attention to every dog.

Dogs are very perceptive animals. They relate to you with their eyes and body. A Dog trainer learns to decipher this body language with dogs and in turn uses his body language to communicate with them. It is imperative for a trainer to gain control and trust over a dog. Self-confidence therefore becomes essential in this job.

We use specialised equipment like professional leashes. We also provide health foods and nutrients for dogs as diet forms an important aspect of their physical training.

Misconception about dog trainers - Dog trainers have this image of being like lion tamers who whip dogs into submission. However we use psychology to understand dogs and make then understand. I have trained cats and a parrot as well but I consider dogs as my forte.

Favorite Breeds - Dobermans. Without doubt they are the finest species. Not only are they physically fit and robust, they also have a sharp intelligent mind. A Doberman will pick up things in weeks that takes months for any other breed to learn. That is what makes working with them such a sheer pleasure.