Simone CowellMar 28, 2011
Hey friends....being a VJ is a dream career to be pursued by the young and restless... You have to ...
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Suparna Bharat Sahita - The prospects couldn't be any better for VJs as of now. With the introduction of newer music channels like B4U and the likes, the demand for VJs is only on the rise. In fact some industry pundits believe that this is just the beginning. Eventually all channels and not just the music channels will need VJs to project a positive image of their channel. That may sound like music to the ears of all the wannabe VJs.

Mar 28, 2011

Jasmine Nidu - I have heard there is a lot of uncertainty in this profession. Channels are always looking for fresh faces. This can be both good and bad news. Every year music channels replace old VJs with new, fresh faces. So, your life span as a VJ is short. But that does not mean you will be out of work. If you are good, you are sure to be picked up by another channel or television company. But you can do countless other things!!!!

You can model, endorse products, do stage shows and brand promotions, act in films and anchor programmes. When you are bored of your job as a VJ you can switch over to being a disc jockey, model, theatre or film actress, anchor for social events or a Public Relations Executive.
Mar 28, 2011

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