Want to know which universities are suitable for me as I want to pursue an MS in either mechanical e...
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YoungBuzz Studyabroad Counselor - Dear Sree Shankar Satheesh,
I recommend you to kindly look at German and US Universities as they very renounced in offering a MS in either mechanical engineering or automobile engineering
In Germany the admission season usually takes place in two terms:
The Winter admits
The Summer admits
The Winter admits happen sometimes between beginning of September to the end of October. The Summer admits begin from February and extends till end of March. Students should have a TOEFL or IELTS scores. GRE is not mandatory but preferred by TOP Universities.
Some of the German Universities are as follows:
1. Stuttgart
2. Munchen University
3. University of Berlin
4. Freunberg University
5. RWTH achen

In US they have two intakes the Fall where your course starts in September and the spring intake where your course starts in January. US Universities they want students to have a GRE and TOEFL score.
Some of the US Universities are as follows:
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. University of Texas Austin
3. Northwestern University
4. Johns Hopkins University
5. University of Southern California

In case you have any queries kindly feel free to get back to us.

Good Luck!!!
Mar 19, 2012

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