Want to wire the World Wide Web – Be a Network Administrator

Do you enjoy troubleshooting? Do you like putting things together; taking them apart and putting them back again? Does a computer fascinate you? Well then you may just like what this job has to offer.

It's a fact that computers are no longer stand-alone machines. They are connected in small offices, large buildings and over cities, states, countries and continents. It is not something as simple as connecting two wires together. There are innumerable software and hardware issues that go into networking. As a Network Administrator you will be a wizard who makes sense of it all.

You will make and maintain LAN (Local Area Network) i.e. connect computers in the same floor or building. Or it could be WAN (Wide Area Network) say linking all colleges in Mumbai.

You could even maintain the vast servers, which host these websites. In simple words, you will be building and maintaining these information superhighways.

A Network Administrator has to have sound knowledge of both hardware and software. So you might not really be programming software’s but you sure will know their functions. In major corporations, your work could also include ensuring security of stored information and giving access to relevant people.

New hardware and software’s will be installed on your recommendation. You will have to constantly update yourself with the latest advances in this field.


Practical knowledge counts the most in this field. You need to have good problem solving abilities. A clear logical thought process helps as well as thorough knowledge of your subject.

A diploma or degree in Engineering with specialisation in Networking is usually the starting point. There are numerous certification courses offered by networking companies such as Cisco, Novell, etc. You can keep upgrading these certifications to reach higher positions.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills are required, as you will have to sit down and explain complicated technologies in layman terms.