yash doshiJun 27, 2012
what is an acturial course and what is the basic qualification for it . is there any entrance test f...
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Ybcounsellor - Dear Yash,
An actuary is a professional who, using probability theory and mathematical, statistical and financial techniques, analyses the financial consequences of risk to enable businesses to make better-informed decisions. As an actuary, you will assess the financial impact of uncertain future events by methodically analyzing the past, modeling the future, and quantifying the likely range of financial outcomes from different future events.
You can become an Actuarial Scientist either by doing a BSc ,MSc or MBA in Actuarial Science or you may register with Institute of Actuaries of India and clear their levels and entrance .Kindly log on to the following links for more information
I wish you all the best
Jun 27, 2012

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