taher kathanawalaApr 17, 2012
what are careers we can take if we have interest in physics
YoungBuzz Counselor - Hi Taher!

If you are interested in physics, a wide variety of engineering fields are open to you. For e.g. mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering, mining and metallurgist engineering, mechatronics, robotic engineering, nanotechnology, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, nuclear engineering, material engineering etc. Also, other areas of research like astronomy, astrophysics, nuclear physics, geology and oceanography too are options with physics.

I would suggest you should go through the career profiles under engineering and technology and physical sciences. Please refer to the following link for it: http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/career-options

For more queries, please get back to us. All the best!
Apr 17, 2012

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