what are the degrees and what kind of education is required for becoming a computer engineer?

Hey Sanat,

It would have been great to know more about you before we could answer your queries-like what are you doing currently,what are your interests in terms of career etc.It could have helped us chart out a career plan for you.

Nevertheless, while we talk about computer engineering, it requires oine to have completed 12th with PCM. This can be followed up by the appearing for engineering entrance tests like AIEEE,MH-T-CET,IIT-JEE,BIT-SAT etc which test you on your basic knowledge of science, based on which you get an entry into an engineering college. The course-B.E/B.Tech- is for 4 years where in the first 2 years cover general studies in engineering and the rest 2 years are devoted to the specialisation that you select like computer in your case.

You can team your bachelors with either a masters or MBA, both of which give you a specilisation and open up myriads of lucrative career opportunities. This is just to give you a gist of what you career path would be if you choose engineering in computers. Before we get into more details of the career log on to


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