shwetaDec 15, 2012
what are the professional options if in last yr of BMM i took advertising as major???
YoungBuzz Counselor - Dear Shweta,

Advertising is the process of informing and influencing the mass through oral or visual messages, to buy or avail various products or services. A particular service or product is advertised in order to build awareness among the potential buyers. The most popular medium for the purpose of advertising happens to be T.V., websites, newspapers, radio, magazines, hoardings, bill-boards etc. Following the ever-changing social behavior and trends and of course the economic liberalization, the advertising industry witnessed rapid development in the past few decades.

Major aspect of mass communication, advertising is a service industry associated with brand-building through the effective means of communication. It is all about creating a demand for a particular service or product, aware the people about the same, promote the marketing system and thereby boost up the economic growth. Advertising serves as an integral part of marketing.

A major and significant role is played by the advertising industry in today’s competitive world. Advertising as a Career Option is definitely prosperous and glamorous and challenging for sure with the opening of large number of agencies. Be it the companies, the religious or voluntary organizations or the personalities, brands, products or services, advertising is definitely used in some form or the other for communicating with the target audience. It is the process of building a relationship between the consumer and the product; it is a means to inform and educate the mass, promote products and services and optimize the process of sale. With a very high pay package, fame and glamour, it is an ideal profession for someone with a creative bent of mind.

Several new areas are coming up and developing in advertising, thereby creating job opportunities or many. Whether it is areas like event management wherein events are managed and marketed or image management where profiles of organization or individuals are projected or internet marketing targeting a particular section of people, a Career in Advertising is surely challenging and most sought after these days!

Advertising- Eligibility Criteria

Many of the advertising agencies in India recruit advertising personnel having a qualification in formal management or mass communication or advertising. For jobs in market research, media planning and client servicing, preference is given to the MBA holders.
Advertising- Skills and Attributes

In order to pursue a successful career in advertising, some basic qualities such as flair for writing, creativity, the capability to translate different types of ideas into the visual format, etc are a must-have. One must possess an insight into the wants, need and interests of people from different background and culture. Some other essential skills and attributes required for a flourishing career in advertising are the ability to work in a team, the physical and most importantly the mental strength to take criticism and withstand high pressure. One should be sociable and must possess a calm temperament. The media and the market researchers must have the capacity to analyze things and think logically. People in the creative field of advertising should be able to make the advertisement very appealing to people.

Advertising- Areas of Work

An assortment of interesting and lucrative career options is offered in the field of Advertising, in India. Jobs in the advertising industry can be broadly classified into executive jobs and creative jobs. Executive jobs consist of Client Servicing, Media Research and Market Research while in case of the creative sections there are scope for being copywriters, visualizers, scriptwriters, typographers, photographers etc.

The executive section in advertising takes care of the needs of the clients, locates new business, maintains and retains the existing business, chooses the appropriate media and media personnel, look after the timing and placement of advertisements, negotiate with bodies in various financial deals. Creative department on the other hand prepares copies of advertisement and visualizes the exact needs of the client.

In many cases the advertising section is seen to be handled by numerous advertising agencies in India. The large companies have their own individual departments for handling specialized areas such as market research, video production, film etc. 3 basic purposes are served by Advertising

Sales Promotion: Persuade the people for buying particular services and products

Public Relations: Create a positive image about the company in the mind of the people

Education: Influence the social attitude in matters related to general concern or informs the mass about various welfare schemes by taking recourse to public interest campaigns by the private organizations or the government

The major areas of work in the advertising industry are-

Client Servicing
Market Research
Media Department
Creative Department
Exhibition and Event Management
Television and Film
Promotion and Direct Marketing
Advertising- Career Prospects India

When it comes to advertising the career opportunities are many. Large number of openings are their-
-In the private advertising agencies
-Different advertising departments in the public and private sector companies
-In several media houses
-In the advertising sections of journals, magazines, newspapers
-In the commercial sections of television or radio
-In market research organizations
Dec 19, 2012

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