alisha nischalJun 27, 2012
what are the various course i can take up in the creative field ,something related to designing or c...
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Ybcounsellor - Dear Alisha,
Creativity is a talent an individual brings into his profession.One can use his creative talents in any field that they enter. however there are certain fields that will require you to use more of your creative talents than any other fields.
Designing involves Interiors, Product, Industrial , fashion , Leather and a lot more.
Creative writing involves-fiction non fiction writing, proof reading courses, editing , copy writing, novel writing, script writing etc...
Fashion merchandiser plays a role in manufacturing, buying, promoting and selling fashion items.
Now as a student your task is to understand which one of these career you would be interested in working.
though they are all creative fields as the world suggests you still need to decide which one of these would you be interested in. I would urge you to follow a small activity which will help you finalize.
Take a career assessment test log on tohttp://www.youngbuzz.com/career-assessment/role-assessment-career-counselling( which will give you an insight into your interest , aptitude and personality and your top three career recommendations). There after speaking to our career counselor will help you formulate a career action plan.
Along with this if read up on all the careers, check the syllabus and talk to people from the profession will assure you about your choices.
to read more various careers log on to-http://www.youngbuzz.com/careers/career-options
you can contact us on.
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There are short term, post graduation programs ,degrees and diplomas available in the above mentioned fields.

I wish you all the best
Jun 27, 2012

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