what is the best career option after taking up veterinary science-fundamental research,practitioner,animal rights etc?

Veterinary science offers a lot many career options these days, unlike olden times.

These Are a Few of the Job Types:Anesthetists,Animal Care and Service Workers, Animal Inspectors,Biological Scientists Chiropractors,Pharmacy Research Scientists,Physicians,Podiatrists,Radiologists,Specialists Surgeons,Veterinary Technologists and Technicians.

There Are a Few of the Employment Areas:
Animal Food companies,,animal Welfare Societies,Dairy Research Institutes,Government Projects,Hospitals Media and Print,Pharmaceuticals,Research Companies Sanctuaries,Universities,Veterinary Clinics Veterinary Training,Zoos & Wild life Research

You can get into any of these depending on your interest and personality. Just that while making a decision do not restrict yourself saying that you will only do a particular kind of work, get exposed to as many functions as you can. This will add on a lot of variety in your kitty which will later help you decide you final goal.