Vivek ModiMar 17, 2011
I basically wanted to understand what the field is exactly about ?
Naina Shah - Hi….everyone….I m a 6th semester b.tech student….I want 2 do my final year project on BRIDGES…..can anybody help me with my topic…plzzz !!!!
Mar 31, 2011

Varun Jajoo - Hi friend,
You have chosen very good topic…for that u need to put effort on that…generally in any civil structure we have sub structure, super structure…in sub structure we should know soil characteristic ,what type of foundation whether shallow(raft, mat or combined) or deep(pile) and also ground water table effect..
and coming to super structure designing we have to consider wind, seismic, dead, live(no. of vehicles)…for that u need to study no. of Indian standard codes(is-456,800,1893,875)…so my suggestion is please go a heard what u chosen…at the end of this project i am sure u have a lot of exposure in structural engineering…..this information is as far as my knowledge…if any mistakes pls correct me….all d very best…thank u
Mar 31, 2011

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