what to do after 12th?????????

Hi Abhishek,

This is a question that every student comes across, so its perfectly normal for you to come up with this question.

In order to find out an answer to this you need to constantly keep yourself updated about the careers. You can do that by simply logging on to our website. THis will help you atleast to know about a lot many fields.

Apart from this its also important that you find out your interests,aptitudes and personality. This will help you -
1)know your likes/dislikes in terms of careers
2)know your streangths and weaknesses in terms of aptitudes
3)know your personality characteristics
4)considering career options, which is a best fit of all
the 3 In short you will be well-preapred then to make a decision and chart out an action plan to achieve your career goals.

Career counseling at Youngbuzz has helped a lot many students to finalise their career options and surely it
will help you too.

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for a sample report-to see how you will benefit from the program..

Hope this helps. Feel free to write back for further queries.