Aarushi SharmaJun 24, 2011
Is this different from an equity research profile? pls advice
YoungBuzz Counselor - @aaru.sharma0101: niki_barar and zinc0287 have given a wonderful distinction between a Market Research Analyst and an Equity Research Analyst. An Equity Research Analyst is somebody who is expected to be well versed not only in finance, but also in accounting, corporate strategy, and the latest issues and regulations in the industry, whereas a Market Research Analyst is somebody who does either a qualitative or a quantitative analysis of the consumer trends in the market.

Hope you've got a better understanding of the distinction in their career profiles.

YoungBuzz Counselor
Jun 25, 2011

Aarushi Sharma - I had attended the HT Campus Calling talk done by YoungBuzz counsellors and I remember the counsellor giving an example of Fair & Handsome creams coming into the market after Market Research. Sounds like an interesting field.
Jun 25, 2011

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