Nov 10, 2012
what is the scope of doing a shore job after completing a B.S. Marine engineering ?? please tell me...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Dear Student,

- Marine Engineering is an exciting and challenging career which deals with manufacturing, designing and operation of ship machinery and engines. It is one of the disciplines of engineering which deals with science and nautical architecture. The marine engineers are engaged in supervising the engine crew involved in operating the machines. They also check for the smooth functioning of all electric motors, steam engines and propulsive engines etc. The marine engineers continuously take efforts to improve the efficiencies of gas turbine, existing shipboard conventional steam, nuclear propulsion plants and diesel. This is the best field for getting excellent government jobs.

- Marine engineering has a great scope in India. Many of the students want to pursue this advance branch of engineering. Scope of marine engineering courses give plenty of opportunities on and off shores.

- Marine engineers has various job responsibilities in the industries like shipping, ship manufacturing, steel industry, power sector, manufacturing sector, consultancy firm. They design, construct and develop nautical equipments. After completing Marine Engineering courses candidates can option for lucrative career options in public and private shipping companies, engine production firms, ship building and designing firms, navy, research bodies. After graduating as a marine engineer, one can get a job in a ship as a third assistant engineer or fourth engineer. They can also get employed in different foreign and Indian shipping companies.

Other Courses that you can consider for improving your chances to be pursued are :
Deck Cadets
-Diploma in Marine Electrical and Electronic Engineering
-Diploma in Marine Engineer Conversion Course (GEC)
-Diploma in Merchant Navy
-Diploma in Nautical Science
-General Purpose Rating (GP Rating)
-Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
-Graduate Marine Engineering
-Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marine Engineering
-Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nautical Science
-M.E. Marine Engineering
-Medical First Aid (MFA)
-Pre sea Training for Diploma Holders (DME)
-Pre sea Training for Graduates (GME)

Nov 10, 2012

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