What is the scope in this profession? Is there a flip side to it?

Guest coordination I would say, will not be limited only to television. Guest relation is a blend of coordination, customer relations, marketing and PR. It is where your people skills are put to use. We just don't coordinate with guests. We also talk to music companies to find out who the latest talent is. We are also in constant touch with PR companies, event management companies, etc. Of course the scope is much larger in television with production houses mushrooming all over, as also the channels. Even for an IT company where there are visitors from abroad or for that matter companies that go for mergers, you do require guest coordinators to coordinate between the officers, clients and the companies.

I love this job as it has helped me know so many people from all walks of life. It is nice when you receive emails and telephone calls from people who you have helped put on the show. And the fact they take the time off to keep in touch is a great feeling. They are all celebrities.

You are all the while dealing with high profile people with fragile egos. You have to be very diplomatic and tactful while handling these people. There may be situations, which you may not be able to handle alone. What I personally do is try and keep my superiors in the know. Sometimes there are guests who are not straight. So in such cases I take my boss along. You have to know how to navigate your way through.