Alex SajiMay 13, 2013
What is the scope of Robotics Engineering? Is it good? Which is the best college in India to pursue ...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Dear Alex,

- Robotics field is a dynamic field whose application is feasible in various fields like agriculture, engineering, mining, medical, military, manufacturing, production, transportation and innumerable others. Its interdisciplinary nature opens up avenues for all technical professionals including mechanical, electrical, electronics and others. A career in robotics engineering is further enhanced by specializations in robotics engineering. On a large scale machines are replacing humans and in that context, robotics engineering sounds ironical, when it comes to employment.

- On the one hand robots are slowly and steadily replacing human power but at the same time robots need to be repaired, serviced, manufactured, assembled and various other employment venues are in effect. Until & unless the aforesaid activities are also performed by robots themselves, then an employment crisis is a possibility. But there is a very long time before that happens on a national level, let alone on a worldwide scale. Till then employment scopes are abundant and far reaching.

- Major Indian employers in robotics engineering include ISRO, IITs, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, BHEL, BARC, ISRO, DRDO, TATA, KUKA Robotics (India) Private Limited, Precision Automation & Robotics India Ltd. etc. However, the scope for career advancement is most abundant in North America through the likes of NASA, Intel, Robotics Industrial Association in North America and various others.

- Robotics engineering can be studied at:
IITs in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
National Institute of Technology
University of Hyderabad
Jadavpur University
Birla Institute of Technology and Science

Wishing you all the best!

May 13, 2013

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