bharathJan 08, 2012
which is the course need to to, to become a Scientist.
YoungBuzz Counselor - Hi Bharath. A scientist s not a profession. It basically a person who loves sciences and works in it with a lot of interest. You need to be creative and need to explore the fun of science and invent something for the betterment of human man kind.

Science careers are a great choice for those who enjoy research and have an inquisitive mind. Becoming a scientist does require years of study and a lot of dedication, so it’s important that you understand in advance what goes into the career.

1) you will need to take up science in high school.
2) you will need dedicated attention, the capacity to concentrate despite the surroundings and the ability to process thoughts and experiences.
3) you will need to choose a subject that you are interested in like astronomy, biology, biotechnology etc.

You will bee to compete your bachelors in the subjects and then masters followed by PhD.

Hope this helps.

Kindly revert for further queries.

All the best, Bharath!
Jan 09, 2012

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