Who can be a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers have to work under extreme time pressures, very defined financial, and design limits to produce quality work.

"The process of becoming a good artist is to start with no assumptions, and no fixed ideas. I have disowned all my previous work as one needs to begin with nothing to end up with something original," says graphic designer Sudarshan Dheer, one of the top graphic designers in India.

Some private design schools teach you graphic designing in a two and a half-month course, which includes basics of CorelDraw and PhotoShop among other packages. Advanced courses and higher level classes cost more. Talking to the ex-students of the institute is the best way of gauging the authenticity of the institute.

This profession takes a person who can:

  • Listen to comments
  • Has a good eye for aesthetic design
  • Has a flair for colour
  • A good understanding of the needs of the corporate world
  • Good communication skills are very important if you want to see your designs accepted
  • Good aesthetic sense
  • A good hand at sketching
  • An ability to work long hours

The job is highly visible; successes and failures alike are recognised and are put on display. Those who are insecure about their skills or their ideas have a hard time accepting the amount of risk and rejection this career entails.

A graphic designer in the publishing industry is expected to know packages like:

  • PageMaker
  • CorelDraw
  • PhotoShop
  • Director
  • 3D Max
  • Adobe Premier

For a web site:

  • PhotoShop
  • Flash 4
  • Other animation packages plus knowledge of IBM and Mac platforms are the need of the day
  • Knowledge of HTML