Why Study Abroad Programs Are Popular Nowadays

Every year, many students go abroad to pursue their higher studies. The topic- Why study abroad, has become a topic that is worth discussing in the current academic scenario.

There are various advantages of a study abroad program.

Wider choice of courses

People may ask why study abroad when there are many good universities and colleges in India. However, the fact is that foreign universities offer a much wider range of subjects to study than the traditional ones available in India.

Cross-cultural experience

Students gain an appreciation of the differences between people. They gain a greater sense of social, political, cultural and economic inter-connections of people, nations and cultures. This is one significant reason why study abroad experience is much desired.

Learning to be independent

Paying your bills on time, cooking your own food, etc. all form part of the study abroad experience. These experiences teach students as much as any formal class.

Global Experience

Employers today are looking for individuals who have experience and knowledge beyond their area of study. Students who study abroad have the chance to broaden their horizon. This is another important reason why study abroad experience is worth gaining.

More Marketable

During study-abroad experiences, students stay in the loop of a shrinking world. Their newfound self-confidence, perseverance and the ability to face the unknown easily translate into real job offers. This is another significant reason why study abroad experience is a much sought after one.

High Level of Acceptance

Not all business aspirants can get into the prestigious or most sought after institutions like the IIMs. This is one of the major reasons why study abroad programs have become very popular in India.

If you go through all the above advantages, you will get the answer for the question ‘why study abroad’.