Why Study In Australia

Quality education, internationally recognized certifications, part time work and a chance to get permanent residency is what makes Australia an excellent education portal.

What does Australia have to offer you? Let us look.

Courses Offered

Study in Australiais a good option for vocational education and training. Popular fields of study are business and management, information technology, engineering, tourism and hospitality. It offers practical and career oriented training, so students who study in Australia can gain confidence and skills demanded by employers.

Campus Life

The courses offered in Australia are a combination of lectures, tutorials and seminars, as well as individual study in laboratories and libraries. Students who study in Australia can experience a wide range of extra-curricular activities that balance academic life. International students are allowed to work part time 20 hours a week during their studies and 40 hours a week during their holidays.


Students who want to study in Australia should be aware of the costs of the study. On an average, students who study in Australia can expect to pay between AUS$22,500- AUS$25,000per annum for an undergraduate course and approximately AUS$ 28,000- AUS$ 32,000 per annum for a postgraduate course. The entire tuition fees for an MBA program is approximately AUS$ 35,000. The cost for a masters in engineering is in the range of AUS$ 30,000 to AUS$ 32,000 for the entire course.

Work Policies after education for students who study in Australia

Any two years degree program will get you a work permit of 18 months, be it a one year diploma followed by a one year masters degree or a three year undergraduate program.

All these factors make study in Australia very popular.