Garvita SharmaMar 17, 2011
Where would some whos done HRD work?
YoungBuzz Counselor - Your Main Areas Of Work
* Not just recruiting anybody but actually headhunting for the best talent to work for the company
* Motivating and guiding the right people to join the company
* Cultivating a positive attitude among the selected employees
* Carving a career growth path for the employees
* Training and developing them to take on more and more responsibilities
* Deciding the right compensation/remuneration package so as to motivate the employees to perform better
* Building a sound working environment and work culture
* Building an attractive performance appraisal system with incentives
* Developing appropriate strategies and policies for separating non-performing and aged people (who are due to retire) from the companyInterested in being a Human Resources Development


YoungBuzz Counselor
Mar 17, 2011

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