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Yesterday I mailed you my query, the answer you gave me was satisfying. I want to that is there any...
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YoungBuzz Counselor - Hi Omkar,

The MAH-HM-CET exam consists of 100 questions and you get 2 hours to answer the questions. You are tested on the following areas: Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension, Logical and verbal Reasoning and General Awareness.

You can buy the sample papers for the same and practice. You will have to look for institutes that provide coaching for the CET yourself.

Here are few sample questions for the CET exam:

These sample questions are only illustrative and not exhaustive in terms of types and
difficulty level of the questions which will be set in the test.
Mark your answers of the sample questions on the specimen of the answer sheet given ahead.
Q.1 Some leaders are dishonest. Satyapriya is a leader. Which of the following
inferences definitely follows from these two statements?
(1) Satyapriya is honest.
(2) Satyapriya is dishonest.
(3) Leaders are generally dishonest.
(4) Some leaders are honest.
Q.2-3 Read the information given below and answer the questions.
Six plays (A), (B),(C),(D),(E)& (F) of a famous playwright are to be staged one on each
day from Monday to Saturday.
The schedule of the plays is to be in accordance with the following
(1) A must be on the previous day of the day on which E is staged.
(2) C must not be staged on Tuesday
(3) B must be on a day which follows the day on which F is staged.
(4) D must be staged on Friday only and should not be immediately preceded by B.
(5) E must not be staged on the last day of the schedule.
Q.2 Which of the following is the schedule of plays with the order of their staging from
Q.3 Play D is between which of the following pairs of play’s ?
(1) C & E (2) E & F (3) A & E (4) B & E
Some questions are based on arithmetical computation, percentages, ratio proportion,
problems of application on basic principles in Arithmetic, Algebra, Mensuration and
Geometry. Some sample questions are given below:
Q.4 If n is odd integer, which of the following must be
odd? I. 2n+n II .n+n III .n x n x n
(1) I only. (2) II only (3) III only (4) I and III only.
Q.5. The strength of HMCT class is 42 of whom 33.3% are experienced and others
freshers. There are 20 females in the class of whom 80% are freshers. How many
experienced male students are there in the class?
(1) 4 (2) 10 (3) 12 (4) 16.
Q.6 The following sentence is broken into 3 parts. Find out if any of the parts has an
error, and the number of that part is your answer. If no part has an error, your answer
is 4,i.e. No error. (please, do not look for an error in punctuation).
Dara, being an exellence football player,/ received a fabulous offer/ to join the popular
football club. No error
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Q.7-8 Directions: In the questions given below, either a part or the entire sentence is
printed in bold. The sentence is followed by four ways of writing the bold part.
Answer choice(1) repeats the original or there is no change; the other answer
choices vary. If you think that the original phrasing is the best i.e. no change is
required: choose (1) as your answer. If you think that any other answer choice is the
best, select that as your answer and indicate it on your answer sheet properly.
Q.7 After having finished the lecture, the speaker asked if there were any questions.
(1) No change (2) Finishing the lecture (3) Having finished the lecture (4) Having been
finished the lecture.
Q.8. Had you telephoned me, I would have helped you.
(1) No change (2) If you (3) If had you (4) You had
Q.9. Directions: You are given a frame of three- sentence statement or a small paragraph. The
middle sentence has been removed. Three possible fillers (A,B,C) are provided. One OR
more than one OR none might fit. The completed statement must be compact and well
organized presentation/ elaboration of the idea implied in the paragraph. Select the
appropriate answer option from (1) t0 (4).
Certain plants grow in desert areas (-----------) .Its oil is used as medicine.
A: Every continent has large desert areas.
B: The Castor oil plant is one of them.
C: Some of them have thorny leaves.
The blank can be filled suitably by --------
(1) only A (2) Only B (3) only C (4) A or B
Explanation: The answer is 2, that is “onlyB”. While A & C can follow sentence 1,
neither of them can come before sentence 3 which begins with “its”.
Similarly, a question to find out two middle sentences from the given once can be
asked in the test.
Q.10 Tourist wishing to visit some famous sea-beaches in India should be advised to visit -------
(1) Uttaranchal (2) Goa (3) Jammu & Kashmir (4) None of these.
Q.11 Which of the following is known as Pink city?
(1) Bangalore (2) Gwalior (3) Jaipur (4) Agra.
Q.12 Daal Batti and Churma is a famous and popular dish of ------
(1) Gujarath (2) Uttar Pradesh (3) Himachal Pradesh (4) Rajasthan.
Q.13 The famous Khajuraho temples are located in -------
(1) Gujarath (2) Uttar Pradesh (3) Madhya Pradesh (4) None of these.

Hope this helps.
Please get back to us with your feedback and additional queries.
Wish you all the best!
Mar 15, 2012

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