YoungBuzz – Career Overview of a Cop

Kidnapping, terrorism, extortion or drug trafficking: this would be a typical day if you choose to be a Police Officer. Ready to play chor police then take out your gun and let's get shooting…

Career Overview

One thing's for sure: As a police officer you will never be short of excitement or adventure. Each day is different. The job profile of a Police Officer is rewarding, challenging, and very unpredictable. You can be sitting at your desk one moment, then a bank robbery occurs and you leap into action.

A police officer's basic tasks are keeping public order and protecting lives and property. This covers investigating crimes, patrolling streets, regulating traffic, etc. You will also be called to help in times of natural calamity like floods, cyclone, aircraft, rail accidents, etc. Let's go into the specifics of your job profile:

Maintenance of law and order

This is the core function of a police officer. You are responsible for maintaining law and order in your area. Basically you will keep the peace during crises such as riots, bandhs, etc.

Controlling Crime

This is also one of the most important tasks of a police officer. Looking at the crime rate it seems the police force has had their hands full. You have to tackle the crimes in your area through law enforcement. Apart from that you have to investigate various crimes. You have to make sure that criminals never go scot-free and that they are punished.

Traffic Officers

You will mainly monitor traffic movement on streets and ensure that the traffic flows smoothly. Traffic officers prevent the violation of applied regulation and enforce traffic laws.

Detective Services

This is the most challenging part and perhaps the most dangerous as well. You will investigate crimes, by visiting the scene of crime, retrieving fingerprints, photographing, speaking to witnesses, and tracing the criminal. You will work hand in hand with the forensic department for testing evidence.