I'm right now doing MCM from University of PUNE. What are the job opportunities for me after I complete the Course in India and abroad? I want to be in networking or Database administration are they good regarding present market scenario?
Your job opportunities will be either in a software development/consultant organization or in the EDP/ Systems department of a medium to large-scale company. You may get a job as an entry-level software developer/trainee, as a Business Development Executive trainee or as a System Executive trainee in a company. All these jobs are India based. To get a job abroad, you need to have 3-4 years of very good experience in Information technologies. Opportunities are less in number these days because of the slowdown of global economy. But long term prospects of IT industry is definitely good. At present getting an entry level job is a bit difficult. Market situation of Network administration and database administrators are as same as the overall IT scenario. Getting a job might be tough. But the market will definitely look up by 2002, as felt by industry experts. But for getting into Network administration, you need to have certifications like Novel NetWare, MCSE, CCNA, etc. And for getting into database administration, you need to have very good knowledge in Linux, Unix, Informix, AIX, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, UDB, C, C++, VC++, Visual Basic, Power Builder, etc. So, after completion of MCM, you should be trying for a job and till the time you are getting a job, you can enroll into a course for acquiring qualification in Network administration/Database administration.