I have completed B. Tech (Computer Science). A Company, SDKSoft (www.sdksoft.com) offered me a job, but are asking for a bond of one and a half years in India and another one and a half years for the US assignment. Also I am supposed to submit my original certificates. I am sending you the address of the company. Please tell me whether it is a genuine one or not. The address is:
Corporate office SDK Software Inc., 13911 Ridgedale Dr Suite # 300 Minnetonka MN 55305 There is nothing wrong or illegal in asking to sign a bond. There are many companies across industries, which ask for a bond so as to ensure that the training they impart on newcomers is not wasted. Large IT companies like TCS ask for a bond. It is difficult to comment whether the company is genuine or not. You should judge a company by the quality of people in the company, business plan of the company, future vision and objectives, scale of operations, valuation, attitude for manpower development, company culture, and its present business. You are the best judge as you are interacting with the company directly. Ask questions and ask for relevant information.