I am a B.A. graduate, 27 years of age and in third year of L.L.B. I have also done certificate course in computers, and cleared course in Marathi & English. I have also worked with the government office for 3 years on a part time basis. Looking at my background, please provide me with future courses of action looking at my background.
As you are in third year of LL.B, we would recommend that you complete your LL.B first. Other than that, it will be inappropriate for us to suggest the right career for you on the basis of the information you have given. Choosing the right course of action vis-à-vis your career depends on lot of factors. Most critical is the suitability of your aptitude-interest-personality-values-preference profile with those required for different careers. Your qualifications come next. Then there are lot of personal factors such as how much you can spend for further education if any career requires that, whether you can leave your hometown and work in other cities and whether the salary of a particular job may take care of your needs.