I am kanchan and I have finished first class graduation in B.com. I am pursing MHRM from Pondicherry Univ. People tell me that regular is given more weightage than correspondence. Is it true? I want to know what are the job opportunities after completing MHRM and will I be considered second to full time students while seeking jobs?
There should be no difference in course contents of a correspondence and classroom course. But in terms of project work and industry interaction, classroom students have a much wider opportunity to learn first hand. You don't need to worry about this. Just keep yourself updated with the latest developments in the HRD by reading journals, periodicals and of course your own course. Try meeting some people in the HRD department of companies to get a first hand feel of how things really function. You can initiate a freelance project on any one aspect of HRD or take it up in conjunction with a HRD manager in a company. All this will help you when you are competing with others who opted for a classroom course. Interview: You can join a personality development course or courses specifically catering to skills such as resume writing, interviewing etc. You can also practise with a lot of mock interview sessions with friends.