I am 26 years old Commerce Graduate. Would like to become an writer director of the film/ serials. I had 2 years experience with one corporate film making production house as Assistant Director writer. So can I change my track from this industry or tell me the way
You can definitely change your industry. You have gained experience in filmmaking, may be it’s for corporate organizations, but never the less you have learnt the skills to make films. There are examples of many film makers who started their careers in making corporate and advertising films. Rituparna Ghosh who directed ‘Bariwali’ starring Kiran Kher started his career in ad film making. But to get a break, you will have to develop your own network of people. You have to develop your contacts in the industry. You have to get in touch with production companies like Mukta Arts/ Balaji Telefilm and see if there is any requirement for an assistant director. Starting as writer director straightaway may not be possible. But you can definitely get a break as an assistant director. Never the less, this is creative field. There is no structured and defined career path. If you have talent and the skills, you may get a break as a director straightaway but there is no method to get there.