How can one go about pursuing a career as a news anchor for vernacular and English channels?
There is no sure-fire way of becoming a news anchor in a television channel. Channels do recruit news anchors sometimes, but they do not require you to have any specific training. What they look for is your skills and abilities like excellent communication skills, articulation, presentation skills, and a very good manner of speech. Moreover, you should have a very good screen presence. Your exposure to mass media may also help you to get a job. This means, if you have good experience in television production, journalism, and other related activities, you may get a preference. Channels generally take an audition before selecting any news anchor. Apart from directly recruiting, in many cases, channels promote reporters or sub-editors working with them to work as news anchors. This means, you may not become a news anchor with a channel from day one. You will have to work your way up. So, joining a channel as a reporter or sub-editor may actually lead you to become a news anchor one day. You should also remember that the roles of news anchors and the reporters are often reversed. Almost all the news anchors you see on various news channels except on the State run channels, very often work in the field as reporters.