How to become a beautician. Requirements and what needs to be done?
You don't need any academic qualifications to be a beautician. If you are interested and have the ability to spend time and effort you can get into this art. Usually make up is taught using the traditional method of passing on the knowledge from teacher to student, basically apprenticeship. You should have: · Artistic inclination · Ability to visualise · Affiliation to colours · Broad vision · Keep pace with the latest trends · Have patience · Ability to work continuously for long hours · Right temperament · Ability to balance personal and professional life · Punctuality You can become a beautician by doing a proper diploma course from a reputed institute. You can approach Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra which offers a Diploma in BEAUTY CULTURE & HAIR DRESSING in various institutions under it. Institute Details: Women Education Society's Women Technical Education & Research Smt. R.P. Institute, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur 440010 Course Name: Diploma in BEAUTY CULTURE & HAIR DRESSING Eligibilty: SSC Duration: 2 years Alternatively you can also do short term certificate beautician courses from any local private institutes.