Q. Scope of Multimedia and web design and institutes in Hyderabad?

Answer: Multimedia and web design professionals find work in the field of visual communication design comprises of animation, graphic design, film and video programming, and special effect design. Visual communication design find applications in mass media like print, television, Internet, cinema, etc. With a phenomenal rise in mass media activities, the overall opportunities of visual communication design are currently on a significant growth path. For example, the size of the entertainment industry in India (largely comprises of film industry and television production) is Rs.12, 000 crore today. Experts believe, given the right kind of support by the Indian Government, this turnover can increase six-fold to about Rs. 75,000 crore by 5 years. The global market for animation is estimated to grow to US $40 billion by next year of which India is going to corner a large chunk. In animation and special effects alone, Indian companies have already implemented projects worth approximately US $ 300 million. Market for video production is also growing fast with the increase in number of television channels in India. All these mean, there are good scopes in this field.

A few institutes in Hyderabad are:

Edit Institute
303, Sai Pragati Plaze
Above Food Worldld
Hyderabad - 44, Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 767 6664
e-mail: editnalakunta@rediffmail.com

Arena Multimedia
2nd Floor, Arena Building Main Road
Dilsuknagar Hyderabad-500 036, Andhra Pradesh.
Ph: 404 2343

Institute of Multimedia Arts & Graphic Effects
9-1-70, Plot No.32 Opp. Global Trust Bank
S. D. Road Secunderabad-500 003, Andhra Pradesh
Ph: 780 7749

* Above list are indicative only