Q. What are my options in the field of Biological & Environmental Sciences?

Answer: If underwater plant and animal life interests you, becoming an Aquatic Biologist is your best option. If you dream of improving and increasing agricultural production, you should study to become an Agricultural Scientist. If you want to be involved in making changes in the way we live, take medicines and get medical care, study to be a Biochemist. If you hold combined interest in computers and biology, the industry of Bio-informatics will invite you will open arms.

A Biomedical Scientist develops products and devices like the pace maker and other artificial organs. If manipulating biochemical process or genetic codes interests you, you should consider a career in Biotechnology. Botanists are concerned with the study of plants and plant life. If you choose to be a Biophysicist, you will be involved in studying the physical principles of living cells and organisms. If issues such as global warming and pollution interest you, you should consider becoming an Environmental Scientist. Other options include becoming either a Fishery Scientist where you will study the effects of human activities on aquatic life, a Food Technologist, a Geneticist, a Horticulturist, a Marine Biologist, Microbiologist, Molecular Biologist, Zoologist etc. You could also consider becoming a Vet or a Nanotechnologist.