Career Overview of Aerospace Engineer

Ever wondered what makes a paper plane fly? Do you love birds and other flying creatures? Do electronics and computers fascinate you? Are you a hands-on kind of person? Well then, you can become an Aerospace Engineer.

An Aerospace Engineer, you will work in one of the most technologically advanced branches of engineering. They design, construct and test aircraft, missiles, satellites, rockets, spacecrafts… anything that flies. Besides this, they are also involved in researching new materials, engines, body shapes and structures. This job is not just about science; it's also about creativity. You will not only give wings to your imagination but also make it fly.

As an Aerospace engineer, you will conceptualise a project, say an Indian lunar mission. You will be involved in all the steps right from the drawing board to the planning committee to the implementation team. You will think of various designs most suitable for a spacecraft for this kind of mission. You will then iron out your differences with other engineers and come to a consensus. Then comes testing a smaller model of this spacecraft in a wind tunnel and authorising its airworthiness. The final stage involves building the aircraft, testing it all over again and finally handing it over. If you wish to become an Aerospace Engineer, you should be aware of these features.

But your job will not end at that. You will act as a consultant to the mission and trouble-shoot any problems that may arise. Pretty cool stuff for an engineer!