How does one become an Animator?

You can join various courses available for animation. I was planning to join IIT for engineering. It just happened that the entrance test for the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad was before that of the IIT Joint Entrance Examination. I appeared for the exam just for the heck of it and actually got thorough. That marked my entry into the field of animation. I studied Animation Designing at NID. It is a five-year course after 10+2. Besides acquiring the requisite knowledge of various techniques of animation, I was also trained to handle the complete process of animation filmmaking, right from scripting to post-production. In short you have to develop your expertise in a broad range of areas.I was working as a senior graphics designer with a firm making Multimedia CD-ROMS. My skills and expertise were communicated through the projects I undertook and one fine day I was approached to start my own design studio. That is how this set-up-Famous Animation studio.

You may even choose to start your own set-up. You must realise that a lot of efforts has gone into making this place what it is today. In my studio, I used to handle everything from animation to client servicing and even marketing. This is an industry where your work speaks volumes for your abilities. That coupled with good contacts will ensure the steady growth of your firm.