Want to be a Graphic Designer?

Have you been intrigued by the gooey, slimy aliens that threatened the very existence of mankind in Independence Day, or the disastrous cyclone in Twister, and the mind boggling effects in Matrix? Who does these breathtaking special effects? Graphic artists of course!

And you thought artists only dabbled with paint and brush. Well, not any more. With the advent of the World Wide Web graphic artist have now armed themselves with a computer. And a mouse now has replaced the brush.

A graphic designer as regards to a web designer would mean a person who decides on the layout and aesthetic value of a site. The job would entail knowing how to present the design content of a site, to optimise the use of graphics so as to minimise download time. You have to structure links in such a way so as to give maximum ease of navigation to the visitor on the site. In short you have to integrate creativity with technology.

Letting your creativity flow is the most essential part of being a graphic designer. Everyone of us is creative - we just need to consciously bring it out. If you choose to work for a website you should be able to grasp the gist of the content for the website you are designing. You should also have a fair idea of the kind of crowd that is likely to visit the site.

"Great design is born out of pure emotion. You have to feel rather than reflect. Designing is cultivated from within. The more you are in tune with your intuition, the more you will shine," says graphic designer Sudarshan Dheer, one of the top graphic designers in India.

Your work doesn't end at luring surfers to your site by means of attractive designs and concepts. You have to constantly work at retaining the number of surfers and stopping them from leaving the site by introducing new designs, concepts and ideas. And trust us, this is not half as easy as it sounds.

In order to increase the number of hits on your site, you will have to constantly come up with newer design ideas and concepts so that the user finds something new each time he/she visits the site. For this, you will need to arm yourself with loads of imagination and you also have to have a fair idea of what's happening in the world (in short, brush up your knowledge of current affairs) of arts and design.

How often have you left a site just because the visuals and graphics on the site were not good enough? Often, isn't it? Well, as a graphic designer you will have to ensure that the page designed by you is not dull and drab. Breathe life into the page with good graphics and images.

As a graphic designer for a dotcom company, you will be exposing your designs to anyone who has access to the Internet across the globe, as compared to the publishing industry where your designs would be viewed by only a few thousand people who subscribe to that particular magazine or newspaper.

As a graphic designer you will bear immense responsibility for making or breaking a site. Your choice of colours and style of art will speak volumes about the site you design for. It is also your job to make the pages as interactive as possible without unduly overburdening the byte size of the page.