Career In Call Centre

The call center is a recently introduced career option in India. A call center can be defined as a service center having adequate telecom facilities, wide database and access to Internet. It provides web-based or voice based information and support to the customers in India or abroad through trained personnel. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry that provides a wide variety of services such as telemarketing, customer service, survey, collection needs and technical support in the business world. Call centers exist in all the sectors of business such as banking, manufacturing, utilities, market research, catalogue sales, security, pharmaceuticals, customer service, emergency dispatch, order desk, technical queries, food service, credit collections, hotel/airline reservations etc.

The domestic call centers deal with the customers within the country. The international call centers deal with the clients from abroad such as Europe, United States etc. The scope of call centers in India due to the large number of English speaking population. The main attraction of this industry is that it pays comparatively good wages for the minimum qualification and offers excellent facilities like subsidized meals, to and fro transport and medical facilities.

Call Center Jobs Qualifications Required

Career in call center is one of the best-suited options for fresher, college students, retired persons and homemakers. With fair amount of growth potential, the call center industry has offered various career opportunities for graduates as well as technology, HR and marketing professionals.

There are no specific educational qualifications required in most of the call centers. However, some of the positions in call center require special certifications. To get good job opportunities in call centers, the candidate should have good communication skill with basic computer skills, good presence of mind, ability to speak well in unfamiliar situations and fluency in spoken English. The freshers have to undergo some training that includes listening skills, accent training, accent neutralization, slang training, interaction skill, call center terminology, telephone etiquette etc.

Call Center jobs are available for various positions such as Call Center Operators, Customer Care Executives, Call Center Supervisors and Managers. There are many international call centers in India that employ the qualified candidates.

However due to irregular shifts, the people in call center jobs may have to face some irregularities in their eating and sleeping habits. Although the salary package is attractive, there is no job security. Due to night shifts, personal safety may also be a reason why some hesitate to pursue Jobs in call center.