Q. I am in a first year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I want to know about the scope further study and job prospects?

Answer: If you wish to study further after graduation you could choose between to do a master in mechanical engineering, like an ME (Master of Engineering), M.Tech (master of Engineering) or MS (Master of Science-if pursued in the US). All these courses need you to study for another two years. You can also do a Ph.D if you want to enter the field of teaching of advanced research.

Virtually every company that produces a product employs some mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers are also involved in the computer industry in the design of hard disk drives, in the cooling of electronic components and of course in the manufacturing of all of the components of a computer.

The scope for mechanical engineers in manufacturing will only increase as the demand for improved machinery and machine tools grows and industrial machinery and processes become increasingly complex. The demand for mechanical engineers in business and engineering services firms is expected to grow faster than average as other industries in the economy increasingly contract out to these firms to solve engineering problems. In addition to job openings from growth, many openings should result from the need to replace workers who transfer to other occupations or leave the labour force.