Each of us can make a difference…

If we were to ask you who was the first president of India? Or who fought the First World War? Chances are you wont remember. But if we were to ask you the name of your best friend or the one who helped you in your studies, we’re sure you’d have an answer. 

But did you realize why you could easily remember your best friend’s name and not the first president? This is probably because your friend has made a difference to your life. 

Do you know what it means to make a difference? It means to go out of your way to make someone else happy or help in solving earth problems in your own little way. 

Each of us has the power to make a difference in this world? Even if we make a small difference in our world, it’s better than making ‘No Difference’ at all. It’s all up to YOU. Have you ever realized that- 

One tree can start a forest; One smile begins a friendship,

One star can guide a ship at sea; One vote can change a nation,

One sunbeam lights a room; One step must start each journey

One touch can show you care.

So why not try some of these ways towards building a better tomorrow. 

Little things for a better society: Drops of water make an ocean. So if each of us becomes a better person, we will have a better society to live in.

Start small by
- Standing in queue for a bus, keeping the city clean, saving water and electricity.
- Helping in household chores, giving seat to an elderly person in the train or bus, offering to help in picking heavy bags.
- Thanking your parents/teachers/friends for everything they have given/taught you.

Donate old clothes/ articles: Instead of letting your old clothes lay lazily in the cupboard, donate them to various orphanages in the city. Your clothes/toys will have more value to a child than to your cupboard. You could also donate your old school books to needy students. Other articles you can donate include stationery, bed linen, uniforms, shoes etc.

Fund raise: You don’t need to be an adult to raise funds for charity. You can raise money for the poor in a number of ways. You can cut down on eating junk food for a week/month and donate the proceeds to any child relief organisation or needy person.

Support a cause: You can support any cause you choose to and which is close to your heart.
- You can choose to be smoking free for life and encourage others to stop smoking in front of you.
- You can put waste in the paper basket and encourage others to do the same.
- Educating another is the best difference you can make in anyone’s life. Support the cause for a better-educated life for all. You could also convince your parents to support the education of a child through an NGO.
- Buy products that support child relief like cards, handicrafts etc.

Volunteer today: Look around or enquire in your neighbourhood for charity/social organisations that are helping many people in need.
- When you are a bit older you could volunteer your services once a month at least.
- Alternatively now you could take the initiative to grow plants in your society/school.

Some of the reasons why you should try and make a difference are that it will also make a difference to you in terms of making new friends, learning new ideas and mastering new skills. So are you ready to make a difference?
If you are interested in bettering the life of another, do visit these sites:
• Care India http://www.careindia.org/ManageHome/Home.aspx
• CRY http://www.cry.org/index.html
  Dignity Foundation http://www.dignityfoundation.com/

For a cleaner and greener environment, you can choose to support these organisation 
ANALA http://www.anala.8m.com/
Environment Support Group http://www.esgindia.org/
I love Mumbai http://www.mumbai-central.com/ilm

Do write in to us at yb@youngbuzz.com if you did succeed in making a difference in anyone’s life. To know more about us visit www.youngbuzz.com or call 022 2490 3015/17/19